John E Poplin’s Team

Lewis G. Walley – wedding photographer

Lewis has been a photographer for 10 years, and has specialized in wedding photography for 6 years. He is also the owner of Prime Wedding, a wedding agency that assists brides and grooms in the planning, coordination and implementation of many aspects of their celebrations, including those involving photography.


Norma C. Oliver – journalist and editor

Norma has been a journalist for 10 years. In addition to her work on this site, Norma is currently a magazine editor for the New York Times. When she is not editing she is following her passion for reading books and writing, with a special fondness for reading and writing about local magazines.

Timothy E. Lee – web developer

Timothy is a web developer with Blue Fountain Media, a digital marketing agency in New York City that assists clients with developing a web presence and creating and implementing online marketing strategies. In his free time he pursues a hobby in sports photography, with a particular interest in landscape photography.


John E. Poplin Harris – web designer

John is the founder of this website. A photographer from the young age of ten, and with twelve years experience with wedding, engagement, and portrait photography, John is passionate about his craft. He is particularly interested in portraiture, and believes that photography can tell our stories by creating a visual narrative. Because of this commitment to telling the stories of his subjects, John takes the time to get to know those he photographs. He loves travel and the outdoors, and has his camera on hand everywhere he goes. Born in Arizona and now a resident of Colorado, John’s first love was landscape and nature photography, and he continues to utilize those interests, using natural backdrops for much of his portrait work. You can find out more about John and see some of his work at